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TRUSTCORP is an international strategic services company based on Estonian capital.

Our recent historical experience, especially in the years leading up to the breakup of the Soviet Union and the ones following, during which we engaged in a strenuous but successful struggle to become members of the European Union and NATO, gives us a unique perspective and deep understanding of the complex geopolitical environment in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and the Balkan area.

This first-hand knowledge of implementing democratic reforms, institution building, and putting into practice prerequisites, such as the rule-of-law and property rights, has greatly impressed our partners from other NATO member states during our work with them on joint international assignments. 

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the company

The Company

TRUSTCORP provides consultation in the strategic areas of: 

▪ institution & capacity building

▪ intelligence & security support

▪ security sector reform

▪ security systems

▪ crisis management

▪ inter-institutional communications

▪ high level IT solutions

▪ cyber security

the team

The Team

The TRUSTCORP team consists of seasoned and successful professionals from both the Public and the Private Sectors. Their experience is particularly rich in areas involving transition, for example, from command economies to market driven ones, from authoritarian models of governance to democratic institutions. By and large, they have been directly involved in institutional rebuilding after Estonia regained independence in 1991. In addition, many also directly contributed to the success of the processes culminating with Estonia joining NATO and the EU. 

Our team members have been actively involved in the fields of national security, foreign policy, defense policy, public relations, and communications management. 

Many have taken part in international combat operations as well as subsequent rebuilding activities.

core principles

Core principles

The three core principles that enable us to build a long-term relationship and rapport with our clients are:

1.  TRUSTCORP works with pro-democracy institutions

2.  TRUSTCORP guards client’s information with extra care and due diligence

3.  TRUSTCORP values professional ethics and efficiency more than profitability

We are agile, mobile and dedicated.

the trust

Trust us...

…to focus on your strategies:

TRUSTCORP combines the knowledge and experiences of its team to offer strategic services.